Birthday Fever!

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Today I woke up and thought: it’s my birthday! So I got up early and was watching cartoons and Hank woke up and came in and started watching with me.
I said, “Hank do you know what day it is today?”
And he said, “Juliet I’m only five!”
So I said, “I know, but you must know what day it is today.”
And so Hank said, “It’s Friday?”
“No…I’ll give you a hint…it’s a special day…”
Finally, he said, “It’s your birthday!”

When I came out of my room I found something at my door. It was a homemade card from my Mom. It made me feel special!

Then Mom made me my favorite tea and Hank brought me a present. He used literally the whole roll of wrapping paper! Inside was his favorite crystal ball, which he had given to me. That was very nice of him to give me something of his.

So today I am having a “Stacked Fun” day:
First we’re going to Breadboard for a delicious breakfast. I might get Eggs Benedict!
Then we’re going to rent the old “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” movie. I’ve watched the new one thirty six time but I’ve only seen the old one once.
After that we’re going to see G-Force in the theater.
Then I’m going to download some books on the iTouch Kinldle and read for awhile.
At six I’m going to a fancy French restaurant called Chateaulin with my Grammy and Grandpa.
I’m going to stay up until 9:20 because that’s when I turn 9!